The Grand Block Odyssey

What if your planet was suffering from Overpopulation? An ever-growing pain that nobody dares to tackles heads on. Solutions have to be found and your species has to be saved.

The Grand Block Odyssey is a narrative driven puzzle game set in a Sci-Fi universe. Travel space in the search of an habitable planet. Your destination: the mysterious planet Hope 9.

As you get closer, your brain starts seeing hallucinations. Blocks that you need to push around to unblock obstacles to allow you to continue forward.

Explore mystery through Space, Hope 9 and your own mind as you solve every puzzles. Uncover your darkest secrets and the unknown planet's story.


Early Development Trailer


Eye On The Prize

Block Pushing Puzzle

Medical Bay

Additional mechanics, hallucinations


Cave Screenshot

Original Soundtrack

There will be more tracks to come.


Estimated release date: Summer 2018

Developer: Reality Studio
Based in Montreal, Canada

Founding date: August 22, 2016


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