Postmortem for Playtest #2

I did a follow-up video to my last weeks' video about my experience at Playtest night #2

Again, I improved the visuals because I wanted to test the mix of puzzles and story-telling. The reaction was positive.

Intro Scene

One of the first issue was that the door opening at the bottom was quite confusing for a few people. The Steam effect wasn't successful at directing people when it opens.

One of the solution would be to put the door on the right side, as it would be more visible.

We could still use a door at the bottom later in the game. However, the mechanic would have to be better introduced. For now, we will remove downward door on the first area.

Better introduction of mechanics

The tutorial is currently given using a text area at the top of the interface. Mechanics such as pushing blocks and open doors using switches could be better introduced.

For example, a tooltip over the block and the switch itself would be an interesting approach.

Image of second area with Tooltip over switch and block

Can I go behind?

On the first puzzle, some people got confused by the environment. They weren't quite sure if they could walk behind objects, such at the red pipes in the top right corner.

Once understood, people liked the aspect of the 3D environment. A nice way to introduce the environment would be to force the player to walk behind the pipe before this screen. This would teach the player that there is more than meets the eye.

Timed block mechanic

At some point during the level, an alarm is sounding off. Something is going wrong with the ship.

This allowed us to introduce a new mechanics: blocks with numbers that will self-destruct after their counter reaches 0. This puts some higher stress on the player, since they have to hurry through the puzzle.

Some people felt a stress from the block mechanic along with the the alarm, which is what I wanted to create.

Timed Puzzle

Closing word

I haven't covered every details from the video, but I covered the most important points. The feedback was positive and some people enjoyed the game.

Let us know what you think and if you have extra feedback.

If you're interested in trying the game, I will be making the latest builds available to the newsletter subscribers.

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