Post-mortem from MEGA

Last weekend was the first edition of MEGA (Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade), held in Montreal's old port. I was fortunate to participate at this event as an Exhibitor. I presented The Grand Block Odyssey to more than 40 people over the course of 2 days.

A Brand New Beginning

Up until this weekend, everything I ever showed related to The Grand Block Odyssey was temporary content. Content that had a primary goal to test a mechanic or validate an assumption. But this time, it was different.

The Game that was presented and the puzzles that were showed will most likely be shipping in the final Build. I am at a stage where I have figured out a good recipe. The only remaining challenge is to create and complete the game.

Medical Bay Scan

Learning points

Public events are incredible to gather feedback or even observe how the players will tackle a specific challenge. Here's a few points that really made my weekend at MEGA.

There was many people, or group of people, that would start playing the game and keep on playing for 20 to 30 minutes. Whenever you create a harder puzzle, you always have a fear inside.

The fear is that the puzzle will get too hard and the player will get frustrated trying to solve it. However, it feels like I hit the proper spot for a lot of players. Hearing a player say the word "So satisfying" after solving a puzzle is exactly the sweet spot I need to keep the game in.

But, it seemed like not everyone was getting that "Satisfying" feeling. While people kept playing, they did seem to hit it rough in terms of difficulty. I will most likely need to lower the difficulty because it isn't quite where I want it to be early in the game.

MIGF Competition

Running alongside the MEGA was the MIGF, the Montreal Independent Games Festival. The MIGF is a competition between selected studios and games on 10 different Awards category.

I am excited to share that The Grand Block Odyssey has been awarded 2nd place for the Music category. The soundtrack is created by the awesome Samuel Desrosiers.

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