The Goofy Witness' Limbo Troop - My Inspirations

I made a video to explain which games have inspired me so far for The Grand Block Odyssey. Sometime people identify games they think got me inspired. Yet, they rarely get the right ones.

So I thought I would share these games with you, along with what I got out of them.

Goof Troop
The main inspiration came from a relatively unknown game named Goof Troop that released on the SNES in 1993.

The block-pushing puzzle mechanics are widely used and make the core of the game. However, the combat encounters found in this game have been recycled for now.

The Witness
I was inspired by Jonathan Blow's games, mainly The Witness, for how I can add depth to the puzzle mechanics.

In The Witness, the game revolves around drawing lines on a grid. Using many concepts, complexity is added to keep the game interesting.

I am a big fan of ambiance and story heavy puzzle games. One of the greatest example I have is LIMBO, which inspired me on mixing of puzzles and story-telling.

Closing note
At the time of this article, these are currently the top inspirations for the game. But if there is ever a big shift in the development, I will keep updating

Let me know what you liked about the games I showed off and if you're able to see any connections I've made. I'd also love to learn what you liked about those games yourself.

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