How I Got Started on Twitch

I wanted to share the way I've been seeing streaming on Twitch and how I got started. At the beginning, I didn't have a fancy microphone or any green screen.

At first, I had fears. Will I be interesting? Will I be good enough? Are people going to show up? I was a bit afraid and I still decided to do it. When you start anything, you're not going to be perfect.

In case you missed it, here's my (Twitch channel)[].

Watch the video if you're interested in hearing more about my story.

Tip: Start small and increment

When I started, I was a brand new gamedev and I wanted to improve myself quickly. I knew there was a gamedev community on Twitch. I thought putting myself out there would skyrocket my progress.

First time I streamed, I took the only microphone I had: the USB microphone that comes with Guitar Hero for the singing part.

The camera was the low-quality, high-pixelization camera out of my laptop. You could see my kitchen in the back, which meant I always made sure to clean it.

As I got more experienced and confirmed my interest at Streaming, I invested a bit more money. I got a Blue Microphones Snowball and some basic Logitech HDTV Camera.

I bought a Green tablecloth from the Dollar Store that I hanged around on my wall. It's not perfect in every light condition, but it just works.


On this, I want to challenge you to start streaming. If you've been thinking of doing it and have been afraid, just do it.

The experience it will give you will be useful for more places. You'll be less self-conscious in public because you're used to have people watch you.

If you take up to my challenge, please let me know so I can go and check. I'd love to be your first fan!

I'll see you next time I'm on Twitch!

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