How I got into Gamedev and Unreal Engine

A lot of people ask me how I started making video game or how I got into Unreal Engine.

It all started when I saw the Kite Demo trailer that Epic Games did back in 2015 that showed off the capabilities of the Engine. It amazed me how it good it looked.

I then stumbled upon an article from Unreal Engine announcing that they had made the Engine available for free. So I downloaded it to play around.

Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist

But damn, how much was I lost when I first opened the engine. Couldn't navigate the ViewPort properly, didn't understand how to place down objects and rotate them, etc.

So I found this Playlist of tutorials that Unreal Engine created that had 200 videos. I started binge-watching over 100 videos, implementing what they've done on my side and learn.

Recreating real-life environment

Creativity can be hard when you have no reference. So to help my first level design creation, I tried to recreate a place that I was walking through every single day: the subway station I was stopping at to get to work.

Metro station

It didn't end up great, but I learned how to navigate the ViewPort and how to manipulate objects.

Small House project

I then wanted to create a game where you were a detective. You could time-travel to try to find what happened in the past and stitch the story together.

Small house

The goal of that project was to to make me learn how to program simple features, such as opening doors, clicking on switches and picking up objects. I also did a simple implementation of time-traveling, where the sky color and the location of character was changing.

Super massive Survival game

I kept moving forward. Trying to push my creative to a new limit, I tried to create a first person survival game where you would be trying to create a city.


You would need to pick up material, travel to other city and recruit people, while keeping you fed and drinking water. This taught me more advanced coding, game design and performance issue (it was really laggy!).

Recreating Warcraft II

My friend had this project to create some RTS hybrid. I decided to jump in and try to create a template for the Unreal Marketplace. My initial goal was to recreate the features that Warcraft II had within the Engine.


But, a mentor told me that creating a RTS (with networking) was though and risky project. So I again reconsidered and put this project aside.

The Grand Block Odyssey

The next idea was then to start working on The Grand Block Odyssey. Last week's video was about the inspirations that lit me up.

You can also follow-up the development live on Twitch at or subscribing to the YouTube channel for more videos.

I'd love to hear your stories on how you got started with Game Dev. Please let me know in the comment section below.

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