Getting Ready for Expos

This month has been a very busy one. There's multiple reasons behind this, but they're all very positive reasons.

The last time I presented my game was in February of 2017, about 9 months ago. The game was in good shape, but it was still and felt very prototypy. This month, I gave myself the goal of fixing this and making this feel like a final game.

And with reasons. I have went back and reworked out Spaceship Level. The very first level of the game. It got reworked to a stage where I feel like this will be part of the Final Build. There probably will be some minor adjustments, but the content is there and I feel comfortable with it.


I feel very lucky to be in Montreal, where the industry is constantly doing things to help you. There's 2 major events happening in November and December; MEGA and MIGS respectively. I was fortunate enough to be selected to attend the event as an exhibitor.

I had a very short deadline to create the Build. About 2 weeks between learning I was selected at the MEGA Expo. I had to scope, unscope, add items to my planing and remove some content to make it on time. But I did it and I'm very proud of the Build.

The good news is that this Build will be useful for all my future public events now. I introduce the beginning of the game, the way it's meant to be introduced. There's no need for "special Builds" for each event anymore. I'm past that stage.

Spaceship is Back

I will be presenting The Grand Block Odyssey at those 2 events in Montreal. Stop and join us!
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