April 2018 Updates!

Many things are starting to fall into place. I will cover the following in this update:

  • Reality Studio becomes Odd Breeze
  • Discord community
  • New Trailer
  • New Main Character
  • Planned Chapter 1 release on itch.io

Reality Studio becomes Odd Breeze

When I started playing with the idea of making a Game Studio, I went with a very quick name that I kind of liked. My favorite words are like Reality, Infinity and Dreams because they are concepts loaded with meaning and interpretation.

However, I quickly realized that Reality Studio 1) already exists in various forms, 2) is not really memorable and 3) is often confused with Virtual Reality, which is not something I'm planning to do in the short term.

After many days of brainstorming, looking at available domains and available IDs on Social Network, I finally decided to rename it to Odd Breeze (@OddBreezeGames). The name initially started from the word "Breeze". It also means to me a "fresh wind" that normally feels very nice. As for the "Odd", I was looking for an adjective that would complement it. I believed Odd would bring something more "silly and fun" to the name and fits well together.

You can also follow the new Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/OddBreezeGames.
No changes for the Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/grandblockodyssey

Discord community

I want to hear more frequently from the community and get faster feedback on The Grand Block Odyssey. For this reason, I decided to launch a Discord channel where we can have more discussions about the game and the upcoming changes.

I need your feedback and your help to make Grand Block Odyssey the best game it can be! Please join me here: https://discord.gg/7nf8Sm7

Discord Logo

New Trailer

The first trailer for The Grand Block Odyssey was made back in January 2017 and was starting to feel dated. I was still very early in the making of the game and had not mastered a lot of elements of Game Development.

I made a new trailer that shows a bit better the new graphics and atmosphere of the game. It showcases some of the mechanics and some of the in-game cut scenes.

The trailer is currently "unlisted" and will be officially made public on May 3rd.

New Main Character

It is official! I have contracted a 3D artist to create a new model for our Main Character. The current model I used since the inception of the development served well until now. However, it was bought from the Unreal Marketplace, meaning anybody could buy the same character and put it in their games.

The last thing I want is to have the Main Character of The Grand Block Odyssey become the main face of another unrelated game. Also, a character wearing a sick v-neck and jeans didn't fit perfectly the Sci-Fi atmosphere of the game. I'll be happy to share the new models (hopefully) in the May Update. You will also be able to see updates in the Discord channel.

Model of current Character

Planned Chapter 1 release on itch.io

I demoed and let you guys play The Grand Block Odyssey at multiple events in the local Montreal industry. However, the game has almost never left the offline Montreal territory.

The development of The Grand Block Odyssey is taking a bit longer than expected, but I am really pouring my heart at making this a great experience. To help you wait for the final release, I will be making the first chapter available for free on itch.io in an episodic format. My goal is to get an idea of how well it is received and what the reviews look like.

I will be releasing the first chapter in 3 episodes. Estimated dates of release for each episode are May 18th, June 20th and July 16th. Plans for future chapters are not yet confirmed. There will be 4 chapters split 12 sections in the final game.

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