Adding a new character

I wanted to share my thought process into adding a new character to the Grand Block Odyssey.

I always felt like something was missing in the narrative aspect of the game. I've considered adding more backstory to the main character, adding flashback cut-scene to the home planet and even an actual second character, travelling with you in the space ship.

Getting the right inspiration

It took a while to find exactly what I wanted, but I feel like I've got it!

In the same week, I've been revisiting an older game and listening back to some music artist I like.

The first one is Portal 1, a puzzle game where they introduce a very specific "character": the Companion Cube. While the game uses many cubes for early puzzle, they introduce a very special cube.

It doesn't talk, but it is introduced to you as being special. You need to care for it, carry it with you. They make you doubt that it might have feelings. And then they make you destroy it.

Very simple addition of a new element in the game, but really adds a layer of emotion to the puzzle.

The second inspiration was a song from Porter Robinson called Sad Machine. The mood of the song and the lyrics made me image a machine. A sad machine.

My brain, being exposed to both of these the same week, made the link between those two elements and managed to create an idea of a potential side-character to The Grand Block Odyssey.

Next steps

At this point, this is only an idea. However, I've been able to discuss the idea with the music and sound designers, along with the 3D modelers that I work with. We are working on creating a concrete idea and implement it to the game.

How would you image the Sad Machine to look like? I'd love to see what your thoughts are on this idea.

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